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Kellerberrin, Western Australia

‚Äč2021/2022 Varieties


Cyclops (AGTB0200)

Cyclops (AGTB0200) - AGT

Cyclops is a Hindmarsh type with a quick-mid maturity, two days slower to awn peep than Spartacus CL and has displayed excellent yield potential comparable to Beast and Rosalind. Cyclops has a wide adaptation to a range of environments and seasonal conditions in WA. Cyclops also has an improved spot-form net blotch rating to that of Rosalind and Spartacus CL Plus, and a strong provisional scald rating for those affected by this disease. Cyclops is currently deliverable as feed, has entered the Barley Australia malt accreditation program. www.agtbreeding.com.au  https://bit.ly/3zmUiOe 

Minotaur (AGTB0213)  SOLD OUT

Minotaur (AGTB0213) - AGT 

Minotaur is a Commander type suited to the medium-high rainfall environments where RGT Planet has been grown. Minotaur is a mid-maturing variety similar to Commander, and about 2 days later than RGT Planet. While Minotaur is suited to those in the medium-high rainfall environments of WA, it demonstrates a robust ability to yield significantly better than RGT Planet in tougher environments and seasons. Minotaur has a slight improvement in spot form net blotch rating over RGT Planet and Spartacus, however, is very susceptible to scald so consider appropriate crop rotation and fungicide use in areas susceptible to scald. Minotaur is currently deliverable as feed, has entered the Barley Australia malt accreditation program. www.agtbreeding.com.au  https://bit.ly/3kwYG6S 

Commodus CL Barley

Commodus CL Barley - Intergrain

Commodus CL is a high yielding, quick-mid maturity imidazolinone (IMI) tolerant variety and agronomically similar to Compass with similar yield potential to Compass based on preliminary InterGrain and NVT national yield trials. Commodus CL is ideally suited to lighter soils and medium-low rainfall environments provides growers in the mid-low rainfall areas with a weed competitive, prostrate plant type as it has a very vigorous early growth habit which is similar to Compass. Commodus CL is CCN resistant and useful levels of spot form net block resistance and has excellent grain size with high retention levels and low screenings. It has a similar lodging tolerance and head loss risk to Compass and may require agronomic management. Commodus CL has been accepted into the Barley Australia malt accreditation program with earliest potential malt accreditation in March 2023. http://www.intergrain.com/variety/commoduscl/ 

Maximus CL Barley

Maximus CL Barley - Intergrain

Maximus CL is a high yielding, quick-mid maturing, malt accredited, imidazolinone (IMI) tolerant barley and represents an overall improvement compared to Spartacus CL for disease resistance and is an alternative to Spartacus CL and Scope CL, with a performance which indicates approx. 2-6% yield improvement vs Spartacus CL. Maximus has improved early vigour, malting quality and disease resistance when compared to Spartacus CL. Leaf rust (S), net forming net blotch (MR), powdery mildew (MR - MS), spot type net blotch (MS) CCN (R) and scald (MR - MS). Maximus has strong lodging tolerance and a low-medium head loss risk with excellent grain plumpness (larger than Spartacus CL) and hectolitre weight. http://www.intergrain.com/variety/maximuscl/ 

Beast Barley (AGTB0113)

Beast Barley (AGTB0113) -AGT

Beast is a Compass type x Hindmarsh with an early maturity, similar to La Trobe. Beast is for low-medium yield potential (<4 t/ha) environments, particularly Mallee type environments. Beast is a medium to tall, prostrate growing variety very similar to Compass. Head loss and lodging equivalent of Compass; no worse than Compass. Beast disease package; Net form net blotch resistance (MR - S), Spot form Net blotch (MS - Sp), Powdery Mildew (MR - MSS), Covered Smut (R), BYDV (MRMS-MS) Leaf Rust (MR-MS) and Scald resistance (S - VS). Will be released as a feed variety but has recently been accepted into the Barley Australia malt accreditation system. https://www.agtbreeding.com.au/varieties/barley 

Laperouse Barley (WI4952)

Laperouse Barley (WI4952) - Seednet

Laperouse is a mid-maturing variety with improved physical grain quality for earlier sowing opportunities. Laperouse is an alternative to Banks, Bass, Baudin and Flinders in all areas and RGT Planet in low to medium rainfall zones. Laperouse has excellent straw strength and lodging resistance. Laperouse has improved Net and Spot form of net blotches with Net form net blotch resistance (MR_MS(p)), Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus (MR-MS), Black Point (MS-S), Spot form net blotch (MS), Powdery Mildew (R-MR), Leaf Rust (MS-S), CCN (S) and Scald resistance (S). It is proudly the first variety released by French barley breeding company SECOBRA in Australia.


Leabrook Barley (WI4896)

Leabrook Barley (WI4896) - Seednet

Leabrook Barley is a high biomass early maturing variety closely related to Compass, which was also bred by the University of Adelaide. Leabrook disease package: Net form net blotch resistance (MRMS-MSS), Spot form Net blotch (MS), Powdery Mildew (MR), Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus (MSS), Leaf Rust (S), CCN (R) and Scald resistance (MSS). Leabrook achieved malt accreditation in March 2021 but there is currently no segregations planned with CBH in Western Australia.