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Kellerberrin, Western Australia

‚Äč2021/2022 Varieties



Coyote Lupin - AGT 

Coyote (WALAN2546) is a new lupin with similar maturity to Jurien, slightly later than Mandelup and is a higher yielding alternative to Jurien and Mandelup. Coyote is Metribuzin tolerant similar to Mandelup. Disease ratings CMV: MR, Anthracnose: R, Pod Phomopsis: R-MR, Stem Phomopsis: S, BYMV: MR-MS, Grey Spot: R, Brown Spot: MS and Alkaloid content: MR similar to Mandelup and Jurien. The advantage of growing Coyote is it has a low frequency of split seeds compared to PBA Jurien. For those with livestock, please make note of the Stem Phomopsis rating. With a rating of S, it is recommended to seek advice from your livestock manager and assess the risk of your environment before adopting this variety. www.agtbreeding.com.au 

PBA Jurien 

PBA Jurien Lupin - Seednet

PBA Jurien is an Australian sweet lupin variety and has similar agronomic characteristics to PBA Gunyidi, with flowering time slightly earlier than PBA Barlock and slightly taller and is suitable for all lupin growing areas of Western Australia. PBA Jurien is resistant (R) to anthracnose (equivalent to PBA Barlock), resistant (R) to phomopsis (equivalent to PBA Gunyidi), resistant (R) to grey spot (equivalent to PBA Barlock). PBA Jurien is tolerant to metribuzin (superior to PBA Barlock, similar to Coromup). PBA Jurien is moderately resistant (MR) to Cucumber Mosaic Virus (CMV) seed transmission, equivalent to PBA Gunyidi and Mandelup, moderately resistant (MR) to Bean Yellow Mosaic Virus (BYMV) and Black Pod Syndrome (late infection BYMV), similar to Jenabillup, and better than PBA Barlock. PBA Jurien is moderately susceptible to brown spot. www.seednet.com.au