Eastern Districts Seed Cleaning Co.

Kellerberrin, Western Australia

​2021/2022 Varieties

Field Peas

PBA Butler Field Pea

PBA Butler Field Pea - Seednet

PBA Butler has been bred by Pulse Breeding Australia and is a mid-late flowering, early mid maturity Kaspa type. PBA Butler has a semi-leafless plant type with erect habit and very good vigour. It is distinctly more vigorous than popular semi-leafless pea varieties such as Kaspa, and PBA Gunyah. PBA Butler maintains the same level of resistance to bacterial blight and is rated R-MR for Bacterial blight and rated as moderately susceptible for the common pathotype of downy mildew, an improvement over most other varieties. Although it is rated as moderately susceptible for black spot, it is one of the better performing field peas in this regard and is rated S for powdery mildew. PBA Butler has the non-shattering sugar pod (Kaspa type). www.seednet.com.au


CBA Captain Chickpea

CBA Captain

CBA Captain is an erect desi type with broad adaptation. It has had very limited evaluation in south east WA. In other WA environments, it has a medium plant height with good height to the lowest pod and moderate lodging resistance providing excellent harvestability. CBA Captain has been included in WA Stage 3/NVT since 2017 and good reliable yields have been observed in Agzones 1, 2 and 4. Currently there is no chickpea Ascochyta blight (AB) field testing conducted by NVT in WA. In the east, the 2019 NVT disease ratings are: susceptible to the Curyo isolate (southern e.g. SA and VIC) and moderately susceptible to the Gurley isolate (north e.g. NSW, QLD). This is the same as Genesis 836 and PBA Slasher. CBA Captain has superior grain quality based on seed shape, size and colour. CBA Captain meets the requirements of a ‘Jimbour type’ suitable for the sub-continent market. 

Faba Bean

PBA Bendoc Faba Bean

PBA Bendoc Faba Bean Clearfield Variety - Seednet

PBA Bendoc is the first Faba bean variety with a high level of tolerance to some imidazolinone (Group B) herbicides when applied post-emergent (only apply products with a registered label or current Permit. All directions for use must be adhered to). Bendoc is early - mid maturity and is similar in time of flowering and maturity to Nura and PBA Samira. Bendoc has similar yields to current Faba bean varieties grown in southern Australia with good adaptation throughout southern Australia. PBA Bendoc is MR-R to both pathotype 1 and pathotype 2 of Ascochyta blight with disease rating for Chocolate Spot: S, Cerco-spora: S, Rust: S, PSbMV: S and Lodging resistance: MS. Bendoc is medium in height and the seed is small/medium in size and suited to the Middle East markets. www.seednet.com.au