Eastern Districts Seed Cleaning Co.

Kellerberrin, Western Australia

​2021/2022 Varieties


Calibre (RAC2721)  

Calibre Wheat (RAC2721) - AGT - AH Classification

Calibre is a first Scepter cross to be released and is high yielding with quick-mid maturity like Mace.   It is the highest yielding Wheat variety in WA, based on AGT long term data.  Calibre has many added agronomic advantages over Scepter, including a long coleoptile (similar to Magenta), improved powdery mildew resistance, and a sprouting tolerance similar to Mace and Scepter (based on AGT Germination Index data). www.agtbreeding.com.au https://bit.ly/3Bf8j0N   

Valiant CL Plus

Valiant CL Plus Wheat (IGW4502) - Intergrain - AH Classification

Valiant CL Plus, Intergrain’s new high yielding AH - imidazolinone (IMI) tolerant, slow season wheat. Valiant CL Plus has a later maturity than Cutlass, and similar to Denison. It has a longer coleoptile which adds to its attractive package, well suited to sowing from Mid-April onwards. It has very good stripe (RMRp) and stem (MRp) and leaf rust (MSSp) resistance. It is also MRMSp for Yellow Spot and CCN. Valiant CL Plus also has a good grain size, test weight and a tall plant height.  http://www.intergrain.com/variety/valiant-cl-plus/

Avenger (LRPB6150)

LPRB Avenger is derived from a Corack/Mace cross, higher yielding than both parents while offering the tough grain package of Corack and the broad WA adaptation of Mace. A quick spring maturity that is battle hardy, which fits between Corack and Vixen. A very competitive variety that has a robust plant type with a medium-long coleoptile length comparable to Yitpi and Magenta. LRPB Avenger is able to hold up to the hard quick finishes, typical of most WA seasons, with an excellent grain receival package. Best suited to the real tough and marginal yielding areas of the far north and eastern corridor of Western Australia. www.pacificseeds.com.au 

Hammer CL Plus

Hammer CL Plus Wheat (OAGT0016) - AGT - AH Classification

Hammer CL Plus is a Clearfield® Plus wheat with a quick mid season maturity similar to Mace and slower than Razor CL Plus. Hammer CL Plus yield is similar to Mace and is significantly higher than other AH Clearfield varieties Kord CL Plus and Grenade CL Plus, higher yielding than APW Clearfield varieties Chief CL Plus and Sherriff CL Plus but slightly lower than the highest yielding Clearfield variety, Razor CL Plus (ASW). Hammer CL Plus sprouting tolerance is MI-I (p) and similar to Mace and Scepter. Hammer CL Plus disease rating for Stem Rust - MR (p), Stripe Rust - R, Leaf Rust - S, Yellow Spot MR/MS (p), Acid Soil - MT and Black point - MR-MS. https://www.agtbreeding.com.au/varieties/clearfield-wheat 

Denison Wheat (WAGT734)

Denison Wheat (WAGT734) - AGT - APW Classification

Denison is a slow spring wheat, between 7-10 days longer than Scepter in a main season sowing window and approximately 14-20 days longer than Scepter when sown in early - mid-April. Denison is suited to the medium to high rainfall areas of WA. Opportunities also exist to grow this variety for frost management across those regions, including WA’s Eastern Wheatbelt where early sowing can be achieved. Denison is highly competitive with Scepter. Denison sprouting tolerance appears to be similar to Mace and Scepter. Denison is rated S (p) to leaf rust, MR (p) to stem rust, MR (p) to stripe rust and MR-MS (p) to yellow spot and moderately tolerant to Black Point and acid soils. https://www.agtbreeding.com.au/varieties/wheat 

Sting Wheat (RAC2559) 

Sting Wheat (RAC 2559) -AGT - AH Classification

Sting is a Mace backcross with a quick mid maturity variety similar to Corack for the medium to low rainfall zones. Sting has been released as it offers the growers in medium to low rainfall zones of WA a high yielding alternative to Scepter and Vixen for late May sowing. Sting has a slower maturity than Vixen but quicker than Scepter and is positioned to complement the back end of the sowing window for Scepter in those environments. Sting is rated MS-S(p) to leaf rust, MR-MS(p) to stem rust, MS-S(p) to stripe rust and MS (p) to yellow spot. Sting is moderately tolerant to acid soils.https://www.agtbreeding.com.au/varieties/wheat

Vixen Wheat

Vixen Wheat Intergrain - AH Classification

Vixen is a high yielding, early mid maturing wheat for the Southern zone. Vixen’s early-mid maturity is ideally suited to May sowings. In addition to the variety’s stand out yield performance it offers good stripe (MRMS) and stem (RMR) rust resistance and yellow leaf spot resistance. Vixen also has strong physical grain characteristics. It has a good grain size, similar to Scepter and good hectolitre weight. Vixen also has a similar plant height to Mace, reducing stubble loads in high yielding environments. http://www.intergrain.com/variety/vixen/  

Catapult Wheat (RAC2484)

Catapult Wheat (RAC 2484) - AGT - AH Classification

Catapult is a mid-slow maturity allowing growers to achieve Scepter-like yields when sown in late April. Catapult offers a unique combination of features to growers, combining this maturity type with yellow leaf spot resistance and CCN resistance. Catapult has taken longer for heads to emerge relative to Trojan and Scepter but has quickens up when sown into May. Catapult disease rating for Stem Rust - MR, Stripe Rust - RMR, Leaf Rust - S, Yellow Spot - MR/MS, Powdery Mildew - S and Black point - MS/S. https://www.agtbreeding.com.au/varieties/wheat 

Rockstar Wheat (IGW4341)

Rockstar Wheat (IGW 4341) - Intergrain - AH Classification

Rockstar is a high yielding mid-late flowering wheat with AH variety in Western and South-Eastern zones. Rockstar has a similar time to flowering as LRPB Trojan and Magenta and is a complex derivative with Mace parentage with good grain size. Rockstar has a moderate plant height, reducing stubble loads in high yielding environments and provides an opportunity to spread flowering windows during critical spring stress periods. Disease consists of very good powdery mildew (Rp) resistance (SA provisional rating only), good stem rust (MRp), yellow leaf spot (MRMSp) and stripe rust (MRMSp) resistance (all provisional ratings). http://www.intergrain.com/variety/rockstar/